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MEP-SEP Boulevard 2019 (Day 2)

Here comes Day 2 events in MEP-SEP Boulevard Booth. This time we will be accommodating Primary 6 schoolers from different schools. Our mission is to invite them in our booth and let them play the English Interactive Games.

In the morning, approximately 700 primary students from different schools aroung Bangkok took the entrance test which means our booth staffs get the chance to “Get the Groove the MEP Thing”. That means, both the teachers and the students were having some fun time while waiting for the booth visitors.

Meanwhile, other student staffs were also busy distributing our MEP-SEP pamphlet to the visiting parents and teachers bypassing the booth.

Right after lunch, we were about to get bored came the flock of the cute visitors we have been waiting for. MEP-SEP Booth was fully packed that we find it difficult to move. Despite of that we squeezed and pulled ourselves both visitors and staffs toward the red carpet center of our MEP-SEP Boulevard booth.

Good thing, we were prepared with many ready-to-pick games to accommodate and entertain our little guests. From puzzles, Word Bingo, Spelling Chairs, Remember Me, Encrypt, Word Search, Gap Fills, and Pass Cards. Mind you, winners of the above-mentioned games will exit with wonderful and lovely MEP-SEP Prizes.

By the way, we did have some in-house challenge too like doing an Impromptu Speech in order to bring home pretty cool stuff which is a set of “notebook, pen and a nice key chain”. Other in-house game is the “Pass Cards” in which winners bring home the prize while losers will be branded with the MEP-SEP official stamp on the face. (Imagine how funny it is!)

Yes, again without a doubt having the “Open House” is exhausting but it is also super rewarding!!!

MEPian’s-SEPian’s Challenge: (Write your answers in the comment box. )

  1. Tell us about a game that you played in MEP-SEP Boulevard Booth. (15 words) 25 points
  2. If you are the MEP-SEP staff, tell us about your experience in the booth. (15-30 words) 25 points


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73 thoughts on “MEP-SEP Boulevard 2019 (Day 2)

  1. 1.I don’t play game in MEP-SEP Boulevard Booth because I have to play music with school band
    2.I think if I am the MEP-SEP staff I think I have to practice my english skill in MEP-SEP booth


  2. 1. I don’t go into booth for play But just go to greet teachers. As far as watching, there are fun bingo games.
    2. Just having a basic English language at the beginning can learn.


  3. I didn’t play game anymore
    But. Teacher have warmth.
    I’m so glad to see y’all.
    This is made my day.


  4. In NMK Open House I came to MEP-SEP boulevard booth before I’m going to dancing on the stage in Day2. In MEP-SEP boulevard booth have many people and have many games that makes me want to to joy so much.


  5. It is very fun and gets more knowledge of the language and in the booth to play games about vocabulary and learning about built-in vocabulary. Own


  6. Answer1 i play bingo have a fun and play card in the booth
    Answer2 i can see some staff dance and in the booth beautiful


  7. On the opening day, I visited the booths and activities with friends and fun. I like to be able to play each booth.💗


  8. 1.In The booth have a bingo is very fun
    2.I see the people happy and fun my friend is in the booth to


  9. 1. In the MEP-SEP booth have a bingo I think it very fun
    2.I see my friend play bingo game in the MEP-SEP booth


  10. 1.i didn’t play the game but I have walk pass the booth it’s look fun.
    2.if I am the mep-sep staff i think it will be fun and happy to play game with other students of another school.


  11. 1.I did not attend the event but saw the activity picturt Is’s beautiful and useful.
    2. If it a staff member i will let you play the game in English.


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