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M3/12 Class of 2018 meets again at Waterside Restaurant for a night to rmember and formally bid goodbye to their classmates for three MEP years in NMK.

Arriving at the venue in red and black, M3/12 “meet and greet” photos for the evening starter.

And yeah! They look gorgeous in their evening picks. Good to see a difference and lovely to see “a change” from their normal and routine school uniform! They all look so grown-ups!

First part, the dining together moments with friends and classmates!

The Farewell Speeches for those who will pursue their next years to other schools and places!

The teary "Thank you" and "Good luck" speeches from the M3/12 teachers! 

The night continues with the class video presentation, group dancing to the class dance anthem, the singing and a whole time of just having fun together while reviving the activities the class used to share since M1. M2, and in M3 times.

Good luck to all of you M3/12 Class of AY2018! Thank you for the whole 3 years of awesome journey!


English Education Program

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