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March 7, 2020: The scheduled examination day for student applicants who wish to join the Mini English Program. The screening for joining MEP takes about a whole day i.e. paper examination in the morning and a face-to-face English interview in the afternoon.

In the morning, student applicants where lined-up in the open assembly area for temperature check before heading to the examination room.

After the morning examination, applicants were given enough lunch break before registering to the library for the English interview.

The face-to-face interview is consist of three main parts; Getting to know the applicants, checking applicants skill in impromptu picture description and finally checking the applicants reading skill specifically their ability to comprehend the passages given to them.

After completing the MEP screening, teacher examiners agreed that there are many potential student applicants and that they are excited to see the applicants in the MEP classrooms.

March 8, 2020: The second day of the application period is allotted for screening SEP applicants .

Same as the first day, applicants were first gathered in the open dome of NMK for temperature check before heading to their respective examination rooms.

And as for the afternoon session, the process started with the registration followed by an English interview following the same pattern as the previous day only that materials’ content are of higher level compared to the first one.


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