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MEP & Computer Studies

Studying Computer Studies with Teacher Tanko

M1/2 -Word Processing Program: MS-Word

“How to Create a Portfolio in Microsoft Word:” Using Microsoft Word, you can create a polished portfolio virtually with any application, including informational brochures, business proposals, artistic submissions and more. The most important thing to keep in mind is how to dynamically and efficiently present your portfolio’s information.Here we are learning how to use the toolbar in MS Word.

Students are Creating a Portfolio with as much design as possible making it look beautiful.

M2/2-Sketchup Software

What is SketchUP? It is a software that let you use your computer to create models of objects and buildings in three dimensions.It is used by civil engineers, architects,graphic designers, film-makers and others. Here, students are introduced on how to use the toolbar and create a simple building design, and in response the students are picking the task up at a very fast pace.

M3/3 Basic Web Design HTML

Introduction on how to create a simple web page .HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. These codes are written on the text editor called the notepad or TextEdit on a Mac. Today’s class we are practicing it in class, specifically on understanding how to write the code and creating a simple web page. 


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