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Simple Distillation

M2/2 Additional Science
Experiment Name: Simple Distillation
All odd and even groups were fused and everyone was excited to perform their task; Simple distillation.
Simple distillation is the process of purifying the liquid by boiling the liquid and condenses the vapor to produce a distillate. In the experiment the M2/2 students used the tap water to produce distilled water. It was difficult at first because they do not understand the process yet. All of them were curious but had the inquisitive look which is essential in conducting the experiment. In the latter part of the experiment, they were able to grasp the concept of a simple distillation.

Their activity today might be very simple but the lessons behind of it triggers to open up their mind to understand how distilled water in the market is being produced.

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Interland with M1/2

In the first period we had an in-class assignment on the Fundamentals of Computer. These questions were basic and were given on the previous class notes which were accessible on google classroom. Students answered all questions on the required time. Amazing job! Due to their hard work they were rewarded to play a computer game called INTERLAND: Kind Kingdom.

Interland is a free, web-based game that makes “Learning the Ways of the Web” a fun and engaging experience. Kids play their way to Internet Awesome and become fearless explorers of the online world in a quest to deny hackers, sink phishers, one-up cyberbullies and outsmart oversharers .We learn all of these while playing the game. Also, the students were rewarded with points upon completing the mission of the game.