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Saturday, September 26, 2020: MEP students joins ONE DAY CAMP conducted by foreign teachers. Here’s what they say about the activities:

“My favorite game is the maze challenge, it’s fun and exciting! “

” My most favorite game in the One Day Camp is the maze Game. This game is enjoyable for me and we use the brain to think of the solution.”

“My favorite game is three-legged race because I think it is a fun game. There are two people to play this game and each leg will be tied with a rope and together we walk or jump to the other end.”

“My favorite game is pass the shirt because we must have teamwork to win the game.”

“Most games must have teamwork and must work together to win!”

“Talent show is one of the most important activities in the camp. I love the show of 2/2 boys. I was very surprised and amazed because they used many different kinds of instruments.”

“Student staffs in my team are very playful and they teach me everything how to play. “

“The Tree Explorer, is the activity that help us to know the different kinds of trees inside the school. We also learn the tree uses and others. “

“The One-Day camp was fun and I would like to enjoy this again! “

“The student staffs are so tall and someday I wanted to be tall like them. “

“I think this camp is really fun and help me to learn English more. Student staffs are very good, food and snacks are very good too. “


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4 thoughts on “ONE DAY CAMP

  1. I am very happy Every year activities are not the same. Everyone joined the department with fun. I’m glad that everyone enjoyed the show.

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