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NMK-MEP/SEP turned to Zoom Learning as schools closed due to another COVID-19 surge in the kingdom.


Yes, majority of the students were unhappy of just studying at home and not being able to go back to school where they could meet their classmates and friends, enjoy school activities and of course study in a physical classroom. Despite of everything, MEP/SEP students will and must continue to improve their English speaking skills in order to keep track and keep on remembering the language. That is why, for this period MEP-SEP students polished their speaking skills through Newscasting like the video above.

This way, they could discover their hidden newscasting potentials and a bonus chance to work together as a team virtually, keep their minds occupied with something productive and be proud of what they have achieved through their video outputs.

SPECIAL NOTE: Below is the file for students who will be doing “SPECIAL SUBMISSION/MAKE-UP WORK”.


English Education Program

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