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In one day camp. I feel happy and funny because there are many activities. — Nanthapak Vilathong (Jaa) S.N. 21

I enjoy doing activities, playing games, and doing a lot of other things. Areeya Boonmee sn. 28

In one day camp.I so funny with every activities and a lot of funny game. -Chayapat Yurakate SN:1-

There are many fun activities on One Day Camp. I’m very happy and having fun. -Pariyakorn Khongjang sn23

One day camp is have fun activities, games, and friendly stuff. It makes me happy.😁-Jidapa phaupadung(Pui) S.N.16

One day camp is very nice stuff very friendly good activitys game all I is nice 😀 —–Napkao Jettanasen , SN.7

In one day camp l feel happy and very fun because stuff it make me fun. —–Pattarakarn chaichana sn.27

In one day camp it so very funny and it was excited. I like one day camp because we have play together with staffs and the other students. (Napatsawan 0220)

One day camp have a lot of fun , games and friendly staffs. I like one day camp because i have play together with my friends , seniors and staffs. Its make me feel happy 😃 Aun SN.14

In one day camp I’m so very excited. It’s have many activities and it’s so fun. And the senior , staffs his so friendly I’m happy. (Chomkwan Angathana sn.19)

The activities is very good and I love all of it. — Firm Pattaranida 30

The​ activity​ is​ very​ fun the​ food​ is​ delicious and​ the​ staff is​ very​ kind. It good!!!!!!👍👍

This activity is fun, exciting and happy to be involved in activities with M.1, M.3 and M.5.And staffs are friendly. (Nam 29)

I Like carnival game because it have many booths. (Nua)

The activities are very diverse and fun, And not boring. (Fahsai 36)

The activity is very fun, the staffs are kind, the food is delicious, I am very happy. (Pompam37)

I like darts games because it is fun and has a chance to win prizes. (Ichi 5)

The activity is fun and creative and staff is friendly. (Naynay 31)

This is an activity that allows creativity, collaboration, and learning that is not in the classroom. (Rachen)

This activity is nice and educational, but I think I should add more games and make it more fun. (Noey25)

This activity is very fun all staff are very friendly and delicious food.— Elizabeth 24

This One day camp is sooo great. The best activities for me is carnival because I can go around and play difference games. (Name 19)

One day camp on Friday is very fun. Every staffs are kindly and friendly. The activities are new activities not same last year. My favorite activity on this one day camp is Carnival. It’s very fun and have popcorn and cotton candy😍 – Sand No. 13

The 26th is the camp day of m1,2,3,5. I think this activity is very fun. There are both delicious food. And participate in fun activities and I gained a lot of knowledge from going to this camp. In addition, I got to know my siblings and siblings. I thank all the teachers for creating this camp. Without it, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge and fun. (King No. 27)

My juniors said that this year one day camp have a lot of fun activities. Such as, drawing comic, building ice-cream stick boat, and carnival games. (Yosita)

One Day Camp in 2021 is very funny and I’m very happy , have a many activities. every staffs are friendly and kind,someone in staffs so handsome and I loke cotton candy and It can made me get to know more seniors and younger people ✨ – Salim

This activity I didn’t attend, but my friend told me that dancing, making boats, and putting the cubs into the boat was fun. Next time if I have a chance, I will be able to participate in this activity. (Prai M3/12)

This is my final year studying Mep. I am very happy. There are lots of fun activities. I got closer to my seniors and juniors. Help each other all the time. Since the activities for three years This is the first year for my group to take first place. We didn’t expect anything. We just do everything hard. It is a memory that I will not forget. Kitthima M.3/12 S.N.14

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4 thoughts on “ONE DAY CAMP

  1. It was a very fun day. I am happy with my frins and juniors and seniros and mast importanly staff are kind and lovely to everyone.

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  2. It is a very fun activity. Activities to dissolve behaviors Allows us to get to know the MC and become closer to the younger in MEP. I like this kind of activity because it makes me relaxed, similar and unclear. And the food is really delicious, so I know how much the teacher cares.


  3. It was a fun day and we were able to learn a lot, play relaxing games, get to know the language and make friends with many siblings.


  4. It was a very enjoyable day and it also made me close to people who were not very close. This activity is better than the past as well. They let us open a booth to play games and compete to see which booth has the most money to win. Which I thought was really fun.


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