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5 Minute Speaking English: Students are being timed to read the each paragraphs from their book and illustrate their comprehension in drawings, graphs or diagrams. After that, students report and explain their illustrations in the class.

Teaching with LINE: Using LINE voice recording students are asked to read the passage from their books aloud and send it to the teacher’s private chat box. This activity aims to target the oral reading and fluency in reading skills of the students.

Most requested activity for this week is FUN FRIDAY!

Photowalk: SEP students walking around the assigned stations/areas inside the school to take photos and write captions about it.

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Freeverse Poems: After giving a brief intro on how to construct freeverse poems, students are asked to make freestyle poems (must be on the spot and not copied), with free metrics and varied contents. Then, attached it to a picture that best describes the tone of their poems. And here goes the Students Freeverse Poems:

Photo-caption Challenge: Students were tasks to take photos in every station and write a caption about the photo taken: Below are samples of “Students’ Photo-caption Output”: