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Skit Competition 2018

July 11, 2018 – NMK-MEP Skit Team Fah (M3/12), Ploy (M3/12), Bam (M3/12), Kaolad (M3/12) and Arpo (M2/12)  participated “The Academic Skill Skit Competition 2018” in Siriratthanathorn School.

This year’s theme of the skit is “Oneness in Diversity, Togetherness in Goal”.




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EPMEP Singing Competition 2018

July 2, 2018- NMK MEP participated in the singing competition held in Triamudomsuksapattanakarn School. And for this year, our representative is Bangpan of M1/12.

The event was attended with 30 contestants from from different schools of Central and Eastern regions. Contestants prepared one mastered pop songs as their entry. As for Bangpan, she chose Flashlight from Jessie J.

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Activity Day!!!

Today is a fun Thursday for M1/12 and M2/12 English classes. That is, the class started by playing Bingo Review Vocabulary. In this game, groups who will get the first fully marked boxes on their card must raise their cards and shout B-I-N-G-O! Then, they eran the points.



Next, they also enjoyed listening to music while filling up the LYRICS GAP FILL. What’s more to say! They are enjoying yet they are learning as well.





Not only that, students also get to enjoy the beat of Just Dance Wii of Swish Swish and Timber. And above all, the highlight of the classroom break-time activity is the dancing of YMCA by the MEP BOYS.


It was a fun Thursday for M1/12 and M2/12, from from playing Bingo Games to Dancing everyone had their bits of fun with the mix of English.


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🇹🇭 🇯🇵 Snowy Goodbye 👋

Today, our students learned about Culture and Manners with T. Moja.

The class started with the classic brainstorming and moving onwards to class grouping. After the whole one hour, music class followed then lunch.

We had a short meeting by 1pm for some short briefing on schedule and activities.

But, students were in a hurry because they needed to be in front of the Manor House to bid fare the well to their Japanese buddies.

It was such a snowy good bye and till they meet again on line.

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MEP Students Joined Open House 2018

February 9, 2018 – NMK hosted an Open House to primary students (Grade 6) from different schools, aiming to introduce our school facilities and educational program. The activity included a written examination in the morning and a mini-exhibit of the schools different programs. Respective hosts set-up in booth displaying games, music and other program demos with the purpose of giving primary students the opportunity to get to know the programs more. Meanwhile, announcement of Top Examinee was also given in the afternoon, where primary student participants get the chance to get certificates and tokens.

As for MEP- Foreign Language Department booths, our in-house MEP and SEP students  helped out in facilitating the ‘Fortune Cookie” BINGO and GUESS WHAT? activities. Every one enjoyed and  again it was another memorable experience for MEP-SEP students.


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MEP-SEP’s New Year Eng-Camp

One of the highlights and traditions of being in MEP-SEP program is the English Camp. And for this year, 2018, the whole MEP family and the SEP’s M5/3 head to Rayong for the New Year’s English Bash.

Variety of activities awaits our excited MEP students and SEP students, prepared by the group of the young and enthusiastic camp foreign teachers. Here are some photo updates of the MEPians and SEPians activities:

“The Beach Moments”

“The Interactive Moments”

“Getting-to-Know You ”

“Hug Moments”

“The Foreign Language Team”


Awesome! Let’s keep updated for more of MEP’s and SEP’s English Camp’s activities!