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Teamwork English

M1/12 is up for a a special treat today. Why is that so? Well, they got the chance to have fun outdoor in their English class. Second of all, they all got some bonding moments with their classmates.

So what exactly is that bonding moment? See for yourself.


Wow! Such a lovely exercise for a fine day! But, what was the activity all about? Here is how: First, they need to work together to form certain stunts that the teacher asked them to follow. The fastest group to execute the task will get corresponding points.



To be honest, M1/12 did really enjoy the activity although, it is a bit hard to execute the task sometimes. It is another happy bonding experience for M1/12!


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Road to Regionals EP/MEP Academic Competition

August 25, 2018 – Science Project Team Yosita (M1/12), Posila(M2/12) and Pang (M2/12) together with Storyteller Pai (M2/12) headed to Ratchaburi to embark on the last regional stage of the EP/MEP Academic Competition this year.

Participated with 8 different delegations, all winners of different zones meet in the final round of the Central and Eastern Regions. The competition resulted with rank 6 for Storytelling garnering gold medal and rank 5 in Science Project earning Silver Medal.

This concludes the EPMEP Competition 2018, well done students! You have made it this far! We are so proud of you!


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Fancy Re-use

This year’s Fancy Re-use participants from Mini English Program and Smart English Program.


Mini English Program Candidates From Top Left to Right: Tangkwa of M3/12, Arpo of M2/12, Pray of M1/12, Non of M1/12 and Bee of M1/12.

Smart English Program Candidates From Left to Right: Jinny of M4/3 (WINNER FOR UPPER SECONDARY LEVEL)  and Daow of M6/3.

Behind the Design and Style are supportive classmates, teachers, parents and friends. Well done both models and supporters! Congratulations to us all!

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MEP: M2/12 on Face to Face with Foreigners

Video Contributed by M2/12 Group 2: Pang, Namwan, Michelle, Stamp and Palm. (Great Job!)

Video Contributed by M2/12 Group 6: Bella, Sun, Paula, Chorfa and England (Great Job!)

Video Contributed by M2/12 Group 3: Arpo, Toe, Sans, Gift, and Pepo

Video Contributed by M2/12 Group 8: Arm, Kawjaw, Boeing, Oat and Baitoei

Video Contributed by M2/12 Group 4: Sailub, Mooham, Ploy, Pear and Pai

Video Contributed by M2/12 Group 4: Pie, Ployja, Tor , Romeo and Pear


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Skit Competition 2018

July 11, 2018 – NMK-MEP Skit Team Fah (M3/12), Ploy (M3/12), Bam (M3/12), Kaolad (M3/12) and Arpo (M2/12)  participated “The Academic Skill Skit Competition 2018” in Siriratthanathorn School.

This year’s theme of the skit is “Oneness in Diversity, Togetherness in Goal”.




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EPMEP Singing Competition 2018

July 2, 2018- NMK MEP participated in the singing competition held in Triamudomsuksapattanakarn School. And for this year, our representative is Bangpan of M1/12.

The event was attended with 30 contestants from from different schools of Central and Eastern regions. Contestants prepared one mastered pop songs as their entry. As for Bangpan, she chose Flashlight from Jessie J.