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March 7, 2020: The scheduled examination day for student applicants who wish to join the Mini English Program. The screening for joining MEP takes about a whole day i.e. paper examination in the morning and a face-to-face English interview in the afternoon.

In the morning, student applicants where lined-up in the open assembly area for temperature check before heading to the examination room.

After the morning examination, applicants were given enough lunch break before registering to the library for the English interview.

The face-to-face interview is consist of three main parts; Getting to know the applicants, checking applicants skill in impromptu picture description and finally checking the applicants reading skill specifically their ability to comprehend the passages given to them.

After completing the MEP screening, teacher examiners agreed that there are many potential student applicants and that they are excited to see the applicants in the MEP classrooms.

March 8, 2020: The second day of the application period is allotted for screening SEP applicants .

Same as the first day, applicants were first gathered in the open dome of NMK for temperature check before heading to their respective examination rooms.

And as for the afternoon session, the process started with the registration followed by an English interview following the same pattern as the previous day only that materials’ content are of higher level compared to the first one.

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Open House 2019

What about this year’s Open House?

Although, this year’s Open House is not as big as the previous year MEP Students still actively participated in catering the Primary 6 Students by inviting them to join our booth and get to play some fun English activities together.

Game No. 1 : The ENGTALK STEPS – similar to snake and ladder concept.

Game No. 2: Remember Me – similar to memory game.

Game No. 3: BINGO GAME

Game No. 4: The Pass Cards

Game No. 5: Color Me

In the end, we shall congratulate our students staffs and teachers for a job well done and amazing teamwork and cooperation.

The Students Staffs:

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English Camp Colorful Night 2019

Once upon a colorful night in the English Camp, Huahin 2019, students get the chance to get up in their free colorful fashion style and each grade levels get the chance to show off their dancing skills and kinesthetic ability.

Talking of colorful fashion, let’s play as fashion police. What did the students wear during the colorful night? Oh, some are dressed in unicorn and cute colorful pajamas (the Korean style), others did have glitter faces and neon headbands. Well, we can also see some wearing the colorful stripes while others wore shirts with colorful “onomatopeias”. Meanwhile, some boys did wear the hippie yet cool and colorful style of outfits. Well done guys, you put your colorful outfits nicely.

The English Camp King and Queen 2019

Wait! Let us not forget the NMK teachers who were assisting the students too. Looks like all are having a colorful and fun night both the teachers and students!

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The English Camp Games 2019

Outdoor Games: Grouped in teams, students get the opportunity to roam around the camp to look for clues and unlock the given task, such an interesting game plus you get the chance to enjoy the fine touch of sunshine.

Indoor Games: From games integrated with Science to others related to Art, along with their camp teachers students work together as a team to complete the games.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: A one-on-one game of rock, paper, scissors. Team with the most win will earn more points for the whole team. A game of luck, prediction and full of excitement to the respective players!

Farm Game: Using the camp currency , students get the chance to buy things to make a farm in the concept of King Rama 9, in order to win, team must build the most beautiful, productive and sufficient farm. The points can only be gained after each groups presentation.

Stock Exchange: In this game students will get the chance to buy stocks from Thai Companies, this is indeed the most stimulating game during the camp for students get to decide and predict on which company to invest in order to gain more camp currency.

Well, it would be fair enough to say that the camp games are of mix objectives and appeal to students in varied ways.