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Math Project Challenge

This year M2/12 and M3/12 first participated on a Mathematics Project Showcase at Audio-Visual Room. The main purpose of this activity is to give students the opportunity to apply mathematical theories into creating realia.

The Winner for this year’s Math Project are the following:

Math Project Title: Napler’s Bone
Math Project Title: 3-D Shapes
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MEP M2/12 and M3/12 students joined the NMK Science Project Challenge 2019.

“MAGLIGHT” SCIENCE PROJECT won No. 1 for M3/12 Category. The idea behind the project is to create a sustainable light energy that is affordable for the many.

“SCIENCE ROCKET PROJECT” won No.1 in the Science Project Challenge M2/12 category. The idea behind the project is to create a rocket science prototype for science students to fully understand the concept of rockets.

The M2/12 Participants

The M3/12 Participants

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This year MEP is through to the next round of EP-MEP Academic Skills Competition. Held in U-Thong School Suphan Buri our students will represent Zone A in Speech Contest, Science and Mathematics Project Competitions.Category: Speech ContestRepresentative: VirginiaCategory: Science ProjectRepresentative: Aom, Sand and NodeeCategory: Mathematics ProjectRepresentative: Posila, Pai, and Poramet

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The Official Results of the Students’ Achievements during the “EP-MEP Academic Skills Competition 2019”.

Category: Speech Contest

Rank: No. 1 – Virginia- M2/12

Category: Science Project Work

Rank No. 1 Gold Medal ( Nodee, Aom and Send, All from M2/12)

Category: Math Project Work

Rank No. 1 Gold Medal (Mat, Posila and Pai, All from M3/12)

Category: Storytelling

Rank No. 5 Gold Medal – Bangpan, M2/12

Category: Skit Competition

Rank No. 6 – Gold Medal (Arpo-M3/12, Toe -M3/12 , Bee-M2/12, Nong -M2/12 and Pray -M2/12 )

Category: Singing Contest

Rank No. 11 – Gold Medal (Ploy -M2/12 )

Category: Spelling Bee

Rank No. 19 – Gold Medal (Virginia -M2/12 )

Participated: Yosita -M2/12

Category: Multiskill Competition

Rank No.13 – Silver Medal – Yosita -M2/12

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Road to Regionals EP/MEP Academic Competition

August 25, 2018 – Science Project Team Yosita (M1/12), Posila(M2/12) and Pang (M2/12) together with Storyteller Pai (M2/12) headed to Ratchaburi to embark on the last regional stage of the EP/MEP Academic Competition this year.

Participated with 8 different delegations, all winners of different zones meet in the final round of the Central and Eastern Regions. The competition resulted with rank 6 for Storytelling garnering gold medal and rank 5 in Science Project earning Silver Medal.

This concludes the EPMEP Competition 2018, well done students! You have made it this far! We are so proud of you!