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Haris of M3/12, participated in Spelling Bee Competition. Spelling Bee Competition consists of 3 rounds. This year, the competition was held at Wat Rajabopit School, Bangkok. It started at 9.30 a.m. and students took a break at 11 a.m. to have lunch. Mentor teachers could see their students during lunch time. The competition then resumed at 12 noon and lasted until 3.30 p.m.

As for the competition proper, judges will give 20 words for students to spell during the first round. Students have to at least get 10 correctly spelled vocabulary to pass through the next round.  In the second round judges will ask the students to spell out 20 words and same goes for the third round. It was indeed a really challenging experience for students to take part in this competition knowing that they have to read and memorize if possible thousands of English words. Spelling Bee is like deep sea diving, students can have a good experience before competition and during the competition. (T. Nuro)

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Drying vs. Evaporation

The M2/2 science class students conducted the experiment to understand the concepts between evaporation and drying process. The students were having confusion why evaporation and drying are two different.
To understand the principles of the two terminologies-evaporation and drying, students created two different activities to see the difference between the two. Evaporation technique was one of their activities and the drying was another one. To conceptualize the activity, they started to measure the amount of water to put into the beaker. Each beaker contains 100 ml of water. One of those was used for evaporation through a boiling process. Another beaker with 100 ml of water was being exposed through a direct sunlight. This was too simple activity but yet fun and helpful for the students to understand the two concepts.

While doing the activity, some of them were already visualized and understand what evaporation and drying is. They were discussing their thoughts and learning at the same time. When the experiment was done, most of them understand the difference between evaporation and drying. Presentation of their finished work was performed by groups and it was well done.

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Math Project Challenge

This year M2/12 and M3/12 first participated on a Mathematics Project Showcase at Audio-Visual Room. The main purpose of this activity is to give students the opportunity to apply mathematical theories into creating realia.

The Winner for this year’s Math Project are the following:

Math Project Title: Napler’s Bone
Math Project Title: 3-D Shapes
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MEP M2/12 and M3/12 students joined the NMK Science Project Challenge 2019.

“MAGLIGHT” SCIENCE PROJECT won No. 1 for M3/12 Category. The idea behind the project is to create a sustainable light energy that is affordable for the many.

“SCIENCE ROCKET PROJECT” won No.1 in the Science Project Challenge M2/12 category. The idea behind the project is to create a rocket science prototype for science students to fully understand the concept of rockets.

The M2/12 Participants

The M3/12 Participants

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This year MEP is through to the next round of EP-MEP Academic Skills Competition. Held in U-Thong School Suphan Buri our students will represent Zone A in Speech Contest, Science and Mathematics Project Competitions.Category: Speech ContestRepresentative: VirginiaCategory: Science ProjectRepresentative: Aom, Sand and NodeeCategory: Mathematics ProjectRepresentative: Posila, Pai, and Poramet

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The Official Results of the Students’ Achievements during the “EP-MEP Academic Skills Competition 2019”.

Category: Speech Contest

Rank: No. 1 – Virginia- M2/12

Category: Science Project Work

Rank No. 1 Gold Medal ( Nodee, Aom and Send, All from M2/12)

Category: Math Project Work

Rank No. 1 Gold Medal (Mat, Posila and Pai, All from M3/12)

Category: Storytelling

Rank No. 5 Gold Medal – Bangpan, M2/12

Category: Skit Competition

Rank No. 6 – Gold Medal (Arpo-M3/12, Toe -M3/12 , Bee-M2/12, Nong -M2/12 and Pray -M2/12 )

Category: Singing Contest

Rank No. 11 – Gold Medal (Ploy -M2/12 )

Category: Spelling Bee

Rank No. 19 – Gold Medal (Virginia -M2/12 )

Participated: Yosita -M2/12

Category: Multiskill Competition

Rank No.13 – Silver Medal – Yosita -M2/12