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MEP M2/12 and M3/12 students joined the NMK Science Project Challenge 2019.

“MAGLIGHT” SCIENCE PROJECT won No. 1 for M3/12 Category. The idea behind the project is to create a sustainable light energy that is affordable for the many.

“SCIENCE ROCKET PROJECT” won No.1 in the Science Project Challenge M2/12 category. The idea behind the project is to create a rocket science prototype for science students to fully understand the concept of rockets.

The M2/12 Participants

The M3/12 Participants

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How are the M1/2 Students Doing?

How are the M1/2 Students Doing? This is the question that we are so excited to answer.

M1/2 at Morning Assembly Part 1

First things first, like other MEPians, M1/2 already have their English experience of Friday Activity Day routine. And yes, they learn fast!

“Activity day We always Do activity day Every Friday So i very like because This Activity Make Student fun and More Learn for Student Student Get fun and More Knowledge from this activity suck as Learn More English Word from Activity More fun from Activity That So Good For Student!!!” (Nua, MEP, M1/2)

Another first time MEP experience for M1/2 is the Science Experiment time. Let’s find out how do they feel about their Science Experiment moment!

We Learn About State of Matter. I think this experiment is so fantastic. For instance, Iodine Crystal can be transformed from solid to gas. That is, if it is in cold temperature it will be back to Crystal again. And all of these, is about Change on the State of Matter. It’s really fun and amazing to do this activity. Although, in the past I dont like Science in my old school and now I am just a first timer in High School and I fell its really a new environment for me!!! ” (Nua, M1/2 Student No. 13)

Science experiment about changing the status of the substance Make me know as follows
The solid substance in this state has a fixed shape. With a constant volume The molecules of the substance are all closely aligned together.
The liquid that is in this state has an unstable shape that changes its shape according to the container with constant volume and can flow. The molecules of the substance are far apart than solids.
The gas that is in this state will have an unstable shape that will change its shape according to the container. There is an unstable volume with a volume equal to the container containing the molecules of the substance. And move freely
! (Leon, MEP, M1/2)

What’s more, we get a special “Learning with Seniors Time”. A chance to get to know the seniors and at the same time learn from them and listen to their advises.

We are feeling so excited for M1/2! You are all doing just great! Keep up the good work and may you will have more fun as you go along your MEP Journey!

M1/2 at Morning Assembly Part 2
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D.I.Y. Wind Vane

For M1/12 weather experience we tried our D.I.Y. Wind Vane. Using simple and easy-to-get materials we set-up the basic wind vane in the classroom. Once done, we head outdoor to test if our D.I.Y. Wind Vanes are functional. 

Setting the Wind Vane

After setting up, we find locations where we can feel the wind. 

We think we found our spot!

Oh yeah! Finding suitable test spot is easy. Next, we wait for the wind and see if the is any sign of movements on our wind vanes then we record. 

We are recording, strike 1! 
Yes, we have to write down our 7 readings.
That’s right we have to do it 7 times in 7 different locations…just inside the campus.

Alas! We are done! It’s for our Science Class Selfie Moment! Hoorahhh!

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Science @ Work

M1/12 hits on an outdoor experiment about heat! Along with T. Wa  M1/12 get the chance to test on what’s going to happen after a magnifying lens and paper is exposed under the sunlight for long period of time.

Students seem to be having a really fun time on their Heat Energy Experience with the magnifying lens!

But wait up, there’s more. Let’s go check out the pictures below.


This time students are experimenting on chemical or other household substances that we use every day and is or are good source of heat. For instance, yeast, hydrogen peroxide and others.

Good job M1/12! Keep it up and kudos T. Wa, welcome to NMK – MEP as well.

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Spectrum of Light

Let’s see M2/12’s work on D.I.Y. rainbow experiment.

Check out their simple household materials in the picture below.

What did they do?

First, is to set up all their materials. Then present their objectives and procedure.

The highlight is for their group to see and capture either primary or secondary 🌈 rainbows like the pictures below.

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Sem2 Starters

M1/12 Back to Science Work. Today’s experiment is all about “D.I.Y. Layers of the Atmosphere”.

What should students do?

Just gather reuse materials that can be used in creating a model or diorama of the 5 Layers of the Atmosphere.

How did the experiment go?

It was successful. All groups made it on time.

What do you think of the experiment?

It’s good help for students to memorize and have a strong hands-on experience about the 5 Layers of the Atmosphere.

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Science Quiz Bee Year 3



Science Quiz Bee: One of the observed activities of MEP students in celebration of the  Science Week Celebration. And this is Year 3 of the above-mentioned MEP academic activity.

In total, we have 34 teams competing in the bee, a number higher than the previous. Each team had 3 members from M1/12, M2/12 and M3/12 respectively.

The quiz proper were composed of 4 rounds with 10 questions. All teams competed for all the rounds. Scores were then accumulated in every rounds. First three teams with the highest points were declared winners.