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Academic Arts and Crafts Competition 2019

November 7, 2019 – The Academic Arts and Crafts Skit Competition held at Satriwittaya 2 School, Bangkok, Thailand.

Our Upper Secondary Level Delegates: Tangkwa, Ploy, Opal, Tonliew and Oey ranked 4th place.
(Accompanying Teachers: T. Apple and T. Afiq)
Our Lower Secondary Level Delegates: Arpo & Toe of M3/12,
Bee, Prai, & Nong of M2/12 ranked 11th place.
(Accompanying Teachers: T. Apple and T. Afiq)
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What’s New with MEP?

Welcome to the newly opened Foreign Languages Cyber Hub! This classroom is especially designed for the computer technology needs of the students.

Lucky newcomers, MEP M1/2 for they are the first user of the Cyber Hub!

What’s interesting about Cyber Hub is that it is equipped with high technology for learning such as, interactive board and others. Meaning to say, students can enjoy high-tech feats in Cyber Hub.

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Science Quiz Bee Year 3



Science Quiz Bee: One of the observed activities of MEP students in celebration of the  Science Week Celebration. And this is Year 3 of the above-mentioned MEP academic activity.

In total, we have 34 teams competing in the bee, a number higher than the previous. Each team had 3 members from M1/12, M2/12 and M3/12 respectively.

The quiz proper were composed of 4 rounds with 10 questions. All teams competed for all the rounds. Scores were then accumulated in every rounds. First three teams with the highest points were declared winners.

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🇯🇵Journey Arrival

Upon arrival at Haneda Airport we queued in for immigration, there was a long line but not much of waiting time.

Then the 🛃 custom declaration lane., where we have to fill up some forms and such.

And finally upon arriving at the exit we meet our amiable British Hills contact teachers, Mr. Wataru and Teacher John.

We took pictures for welcome memory and head on to the bus to go to British Hills Fukushima.

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🇯🇵 Japan Journey

Suvarnabhumi Airport : At the meeting point where everyone was early. Family and friends altogether waiting for the travelers to check in.

After checked in, a short briefing was given to students about taking care of boarding pass, passport control and other necessary reminders.

Taking advantage of the pause while waiting for the boarding time.

Our flight to Hong Kong CX654. And upon arrival we took some rest stroll inside Hong Kong International Airport. Not only that, some students went on shopping with sone goodies.

Well, so much after the stroll we hit on taking the HK Airport Shuttle Bus that will take us to our Boarding gate.

And up up and away going to 🇯🇵.

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SEP Entrance A.Y. 2018

March 11, 2018 – NMK School administered the screening process for aspiring M 4 (Grade 10) students of Smart English Program or S.E.P.

The process included a written test which was conducted in the morning and followed by an entrance interview with the current Foreign Teachers. See the steps of the process below:

Initially, the applicants were grouped in two i.e. applicants coming from NMK Mini-English Program and applicants coming from non-MEP.


For NMK-MEP applicants, interview includes: Part 1 -Picture Description – these pictures depicts social issues that needs to be unlock. It is then the task of the applicants to identify what issues are being shown and offer a solution.


The second part of the test, a speaking cue card were given to the applicants. On the cue cards were series of sequenced questions and must be answered coherently.

Meanwhile, the other group of applicants have a different sequence of the test. In the Non-MEP group, they are asked to describe a certain picture using as many sentences as they can. Also, they are asked to read short passages from M4 textbook which is the New World.


The whole activity went well and ended smoothly. Let’s wait and see on who will be the new faces of M4/3.


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March 10, 2018 – An interview was conducted for the upcoming MEP freshman. In the morning, written test was given to the applicants followed by an interview in the afternoon. Now let’s check this out:

Step 1: Aspirants waited in NMK’s library and registered with T. Cash for their cue numbers for the interview.

Step 2: They will be called on a one on one hot seat interview with T. Jeb and T. Ize along with the supervision of T. Pattama.

Step 3: During the interview, applicants will be asked a simple conversation to warm them up and set their mind for the activity.


Step 4: In this part of the interview, applicants will be asked to choose and describe one picture. This way, evaluators will measure the lexical resource and sentence usage of the applicant through picture description. S__6692960

Step 5: Another part of the test is the oral reading. In this part of the test, teacher evaluators will measure applicants mastery and fluency in reading the passages from the Aim High Textbook. Follow-up questions were asked too. S__6692958S__6692962

It was indeed a very exciting process! Well, that sums-up the whole MEP Interview Process 2018 with 45 applicants. We hope to see you and study with you soon! Good luck!