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What Do M1/2 Say About Reporting?

Here we are, back doing our classroom reporting. But why exactly are we doing reporting and how can it help our English language skills.

I learn that technology can make a lot in aiding humans to be comfy. in order to improve word learning and spelling. I now know what the upcoming technology will be like. I am aware that there will be a lot of things in the future that we are unsure of. Learn about emerging technology; reporting is crucial because it helps us improve our English-speaking skills. I discover cutting-edge technology and find presentations. I gained knowledge about group projects and gave a presentation on the role of technology in artificial intelligence. If I can speak clearly when I report, it signifies that I have worked on my memory. Because it can aid in my speaking practice, I believe it to be significant.

I think that reporting is important because we can get a piece of information and learn about a certain topic. Others say that this topic made them learn about the function of technology in games too. Some pointed out their learning about how to speak and present better. Also for others, the reporting topic provides them information on high and advanced technologies in the future like AI. It also made them realize that the many technologies that they never know existed thus this report makes them know more about new Technology. Finally, the reporting helped them to speak using the English language better and know a lot of vocabulary, learned how to use the language, present, speak and not be shy when presenting.

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M1/2 doing the YMCA

EngTalk Jam kicks off with the infamous YMCA tradition presented by M1/2 in their cute pajama outfits.

Catwalk models also show off their “black and white” and “colorful” outfits.

Most Unique Black and White Concept
(Model: Ten of M3/2)
Most Unique Colorful Outfit
(Model: Ten M3/2)

The jam progresses with fun performances from different class levels and surprise performance from teachers too.

EngTalk 2022 is ticked to be a success because of the massive cooperation by the MEP-SEP community members (students, teachers, parents and the school administrators).

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Academic Arts and Crafts Competition 2019

November 7, 2019 – The Academic Arts and Crafts Skit Competition held at Satriwittaya 2 School, Bangkok, Thailand.

Our Upper Secondary Level Delegates: Tangkwa, Ploy, Opal, Tonliew and Oey ranked 4th place.
(Accompanying Teachers: T. Apple and T. Afiq)
Our Lower Secondary Level Delegates: Arpo & Toe of M3/12,
Bee, Prai, & Nong of M2/12 ranked 11th place.
(Accompanying Teachers: T. Apple and T. Afiq)
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What’s New with MEP?

Welcome to the newly opened Foreign Languages Cyber Hub! This classroom is especially designed for the computer technology needs of the students.

Lucky newcomers, MEP M1/2 for they are the first user of the Cyber Hub!

What’s interesting about Cyber Hub is that it is equipped with high technology for learning such as, interactive board and others. Meaning to say, students can enjoy high-tech feats in Cyber Hub.

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Science Quiz Bee Year 3



Science Quiz Bee: One of the observed activities of MEP students in celebration of the  Science Week Celebration. And this is Year 3 of the above-mentioned MEP academic activity.

In total, we have 34 teams competing in the bee, a number higher than the previous. Each team had 3 members from M1/12, M2/12 and M3/12 respectively.

The quiz proper were composed of 4 rounds with 10 questions. All teams competed for all the rounds. Scores were then accumulated in every rounds. First three teams with the highest points were declared winners.