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SEP Entrance A.Y. 2018

March 11, 2018 – NMK School administered the screening process for aspiring M 4 (Grade 10) students of Smart English Program or S.E.P.

The process included a written test which was conducted in the morning and followed by an entrance interview with the current Foreign Teachers. See the steps of the process below:

Initially, the applicants were grouped in two i.e. applicants coming from NMK Mini-English Program and applicants coming from non-MEP.


For NMK-MEP applicants, interview includes: Part 1 -Picture Description – these pictures depicts social issues that needs to be unlock. It is then the task of the applicants to identify what issues are being shown and offer a solution.


The second part of the test, a speaking cue card were given to the applicants. On the cue cards were series of sequenced questions and must be answered coherently.

Meanwhile, the other group of applicants have a different sequence of the test. In the Non-MEP group, they are asked to describe a certain picture using as many sentences as they can. Also, they are asked to read short passages from M4 textbook which is the New World.


The whole activity went well and ended smoothly. Let’s wait and see on who will be the new faces of M4/3.


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March 10, 2018 – An interview was conducted for the upcoming MEP freshman. In the morning, written test was given to the applicants followed by an interview in the afternoon. Now let’s check this out:

Step 1: Aspirants waited in NMK’s library and registered with T. Cash for their cue numbers for the interview.

Step 2: They will be called on a one on one hot seat interview with T. Jeb and T. Ize along with the supervision of T. Pattama.

Step 3: During the interview, applicants will be asked a simple conversation to warm them up and set their mind for the activity.


Step 4: In this part of the interview, applicants will be asked to choose and describe one picture. This way, evaluators will measure the lexical resource and sentence usage of the applicant through picture description. S__6692960

Step 5: Another part of the test is the oral reading. In this part of the test, teacher evaluators will measure applicants mastery and fluency in reading the passages from the Aim High Textbook. Follow-up questions were asked too. S__6692958S__6692962

It was indeed a very exciting process! Well, that sums-up the whole MEP Interview Process 2018 with 45 applicants. We hope to see you and study with you soon! Good luck!

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MEP-SEP with Indonesian Exchange Student Teachers

A great learning opportunity was given to our MEP-SEP students with the Indonesian Exchange student teachers. Not only that, students were also able to show to the teachers the values and culture of being a student in Thailand. At the same time, teachers also shared their Indonesian games by integrating it in their practice teaching sessions. In other words, both the teachers and students were able to exchange each others culture and lifestyle. Let’s meet them! 

Above is Teacher Aman Apriadi (T. Aman) from University of Halu Oleo, Indonesia.

And this is Teacher Riyadi Sujatimiko (T.Miko) from University of PGRI Yogyakarta.

Thank you to both of you and may you learned something here in our school that is worth sharing when you go back to Indonesia! Good luck to both of you!

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More of MEP-SEP Eng-Camp 2018

Its another day with more of the updates from MEP-SEP Camp at Moment Villa Resort, Rayong. We’ve got pool time party for our students where everybody got the chance to dip into the cool water. From the wondrous water actions of our students…

To the watchful teachers of English Navigator who were chilling on their cozy inflatables sofa by the pool….

English Camp (2)_๑๘๐๑๑๕_0025

Down to the mellow and relaxing Songkran Theme of both the students and the teachers….

To mention the interactive moments of the students, having some refreshing time but without forgetting learning. For instance, group work for all!

By the way, the camp was not only all about fun and happy moments. In fact, it was also added with a memorable and sentimental students’ bonding which was a bit teary… but it felt good.

Well, its been said before, MEP-SEP is like a one big family. And like any other family, there will always be a moment of tear and joy. Yet, in the end we will remain as one big happy FAMILY. And for that you all deserve an award! Here you go!

And for the finale, everybody had the Frost Moments which definitely cheered up the MEPians and SEPians!




15 November 2017 was indeed the busiest day for NMK teachers, students and staffs. Visitors came to our school for Math competition purposes, whilst some of our NMK students visit other schools to do the same.

Meanwhile the other large portion of NMK Students went to a Trip to The Meru Mas or also known as “The Royal Crematorium. Despite the scorching day, our MEP students on their formal school suit visited the royal palace with much pride and excitement.

The Meru Mas is located in Sanam Luang, Bangkok Thailand. Sanam Luang has been a place of central importance for the Thai people for centuries. Sanam Luang is Thai for “royal ground”, and it is a place where the King performs state ceremonies. In the past, Sanam Luang was an open field located between the Grand Palace and the Palace of the Second King. It has been used as a site for the cremation of kings, queens and nobility since the reign of King Rama 1. For this reason, in former times it was officially known as Thong Phra Meru (cremation ground). During the reign of King Rama III, when Thailand was engaged in a conflict with Vietnam, the King wished to demonstrate to other nations that Thailand was such a fertile, flourishing country that even the area in front of the Grand Palace was cultivated. Sanam Luang was then a normal plot of land, used for growing rice. When there was a Royal Funeral, it would be smoothed over to prepare for the event. During the reign of King Rama IV, when the ground was still used for farming, King Rama IV changed its official name from Thong Phra Meru to Thung Sanam Luang. Sanam Luang has been used as the cremation ground for all of Thailand’s kings and Royal Family members except for King Rama VII, who died in England. The most recent cremation rite to be held there was for Queen Rambhai Barni, in 1986. (

Also displayed inside the royal creamtorium are collections of the royal kings artifacts and others.

It was such a long and busy day for all the NMK people! Tomorrow will be back to school again. (Photo credits to M1/12 and M3/12 students; Info Contribution from M1/12) 


A Busy Wednesday for NMK

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MEP Toured SeaLife and KidZania


8 November 2017 – All MEP students head to Siam Paragon to spend a day tour i.e. Sea Life Adventures in the morning and KidZania in the afternoon. The whole of  MEP arrived at the destination safely. Upon arrival the whole of the group lounged at the entrance area of the establishments because we are too “early birds” that Sea Life was still closed.   While waiting, students were writing on their travel booklet and scanning on the tasks that they have to complete after the tour.

Momentarily, Sea Life staffs greeted and led us down to the Sea Life entrance. Proper briefing and introductions were given by the staffs and they even handed their own colorful booklets for students’ guide and reference. In short, the whole Sea Life journey was awesome and students truly enjoyed watching the variety of sea creatures.

 And we continued the fun, as another staffs accompanied us in taking the so called VIP elevator for our group to head to Siam Paragon’s 5th floor where KidZania is located. Following the KidZania’s SOP students were briefed and given the KidZania bracelet where you get to wear for the whole duration of your stay in the KidZania City. If students had the picture of scenic sea creatures in KidZania our MEP studes got the chance to work in different fields and like adults they did earn their KidZo salaries where they can exchange to some items.

A whole day of fun with a whole day of experience. Until next time!

Rise up and put your hands high as we cheer for Kaolad of M2/12 who successfully completed the conquest of the EP/MEP Storytelling Competition until the final round. Finishing at number 4 spot earning GOLD MEDAL award!


Congratulations Kaolad, congratulations MEP, congratulations NMK!

The Storytelling Glory