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The Official Results of the Students’ Achievements during the “EP-MEP Academic Skills Competition 2019”.

Category: Speech Contest

Rank: No. 1 – Virginia- M2/12

Category: Science Project Work

Rank No. 1 Gold Medal ( Nodee, Aom and Send, All from M2/12)

Category: Math Project Work

Rank No. 1 Gold Medal (Mat, Posila and Pai, All from M3/12)

Category: Storytelling

Rank No. 5 Gold Medal – Bangpan, M2/12

Category: Skit Competition

Rank No. 6 – Gold Medal (Arpo-M3/12, Toe -M3/12 , Bee-M2/12, Nong -M2/12 and Pray -M2/12 )

Category: Singing Contest

Rank No. 11 – Gold Medal (Ploy -M2/12 )

Category: Spelling Bee

Rank No. 19 – Gold Medal (Virginia -M2/12 )

Participated: Yosita -M2/12

Category: Multiskill Competition

Rank No.13 – Silver Medal – Yosita -M2/12

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Reporting Tuesday

And for this week’s MEP reports, we have the following:

M1/2: 5 Things We Learn in MEP

M2/12 & M3/12

M2/12 & M3/12: Bangkok Traffic Congestion and Solutions

Many groups presented that the common reasons of Bangkok’s traffic jam are due to undisciplined drivers, violating traffic rules, clogged roads leading to flood when raining and road accidents.

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Tuesdays with MEP

What is Tuesday like with MEP? Well, its Reporting Day! And for M1/2 it’s their first group reporting time, which means they are both excited and nervous to report in front of the class.

M1/2 Report Topic: Why is English Important?

M2/12 Report Topic: Futuristic Transportation

M3/12 Report Topic: Common Causes of Road Vehicular Accidents