My Grammar Buddy in M3/12

MGB – My Grammar Buddy is our MEP English class task, in which M3/12 will work on some grammar exercises with their assigned buddies for the whole school year. This buddy-task is facilitated as part of M3/12 preparation for ONET exam. In this activity, they  will be given weekly exercises to answer and must truthfully report their progress via social media (LINE, FB, etc).

What’s more, buddies can either work together in class, at school, lucnh break and even on LINE, FB chat and others. Photo footage is to be submitted as well along with their answers. Way to go guys!

Below are the pictures of their first BUDDY-TASK:


M1/12 Star Students

Star Students – the Weekly Updated Bulletin Board of M1/12 students who showed exemplary behavior and progress in both academic and non-academic activities in class.



Science Achievers

Kaowjaw M1/12 (Left), Bella M1/12 (Center) and Pai M1/12 (Right)
M2/12 – Paint (Left) Aim (Center) and Big (Right) 
M3/12 (Chompoo, Leena , Well, Aim, Earn, Jinny, Pond and Tam)

Fun Science with Elements 4D

Fun Science with Elements 4D

Check the cool teaching and learning application called ELEMENTS 4D by DAQRI. Lucky M1/12 they have got the first hands-on learning experience of the so-called techy-science. Here’s more on their behind the scenes 4D experience:

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