This year’s introductory video featuring MEP-SEP learning activities focusing on interactive classroom activities. Also, local day trips were included, for such activity is one of the many traditions that is annually done. More to that is the featuring of the international trips of the students specifically to South Korea and Japan. Included as well are the infamous and super fun moments of students during English Camps. Most importantly, achievements and awards were also featured and celebrated in which our students have earned quite a few and deserve superb recognition.

For such above features and reasons the video also presented a quick glimpse on how to join the program especially for incoming members and stakeholders.

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A total of sixty student applicants (55 for MEP and 5 for SEP) from different schools show on this academic year’s MEP-SEP admission interview. Applicants were screened on their English conversation skills, reading and comprehension, vocabulary, and picture description. Summing up and without doubt, this year’s applicants are of bright English potentials.



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English Camp 2020

This year’s semester end trip is back to Navy Phirom located in the beautiful city of Hua Hin. AY 2020 was a bit difficult for MEP-SEP community that is why this two-day trip is indeed a good way to end the semester. After all the up’s and down’s of AY 2020, the English Camp serves indeed a breath of fresh air for the MEP-SEP students.

What do Students Say About the English Camp?

Last night was a camp day with friends who had fun and were so happy that they didn’t want to go home and want to be together for a long time. (Aomngern)

This place is so fun and the sea is so beautiful and the breakfast is great! (Tee)

This is my first time coming to English camp. It was more fun than I thought. There are a lot of activities. (Prang)

In English camp, I like it because activities, kind staffs, delicious food and beautiful view. (Nanthapak Vilathong (Jaa1) M.1/2 Sn.21)

I’m very happy of this camp because it’s have beautiful views and the staff of this camp very friendly. (Creammy)