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Fun In Maths

Identifying and classifying integers.

A particular category of numbers called integers includes the digits zero, as well as positive and negative numbers. We emphasize that the positive and negative signs on integers, as well as learning how to represent the positive and negative integers on the number line, are all things that our M1/2 students are already familiar with.
Having applied all these we can now imagine that for M1/2, classifying and recognizing numbers is simple. (T. Sheethal)

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The admissions and exam day for incoming MEP students is March 4, 2023. Application forms for seats in the Mini English Program classroom were filed by thirty (30) pupils from local primary schools. Meanwhile, the screening took place in English which application process involved an afternoon interview with foreign teachers and a morning testing.

March 5, 2023: Interview for Smart English Program (SEP) applicants. This study program will only be accepting two (2) students among the seven (7) applicants.

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CEFR 2023

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment, abbreviated in English as CEFR or CEF or CEFRL, is a guideline used to describe the achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe and, increasingly, in other countries. The CEFR is also intended to make it easier for educational institutions and employers to evaluate the language qualifications of candidates for education admission or employment.


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Fun Maths with M1/2

let’s hear what do M1/2 says about their recent Mathematics Activity.

This activity is very fun to play with and learn about graphs by yourself. And I did it with a group that we chose ourselves, so I had fun doing it with my friends.

This activity is not very stressful. When doing it, I always feel excited. Because I want to know what form it will come out in.


Academic Arts & Crafts 2023

It was an exciting day, although I don’t feel nervous back then. Because I am confident and I am aware enough to know that no matter the outcome, I will always be the best! (Pickky – Picture Story Writing, Lower Secondary)

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MEP and SEP have given me many new opportunities and experiences, the multi-skill competition included. It is a competition that consists of using English language skills. Which includes listening, reading, writing, and speaking. After the first time I competed in Multi-skill, I didn’t think I would get a chance to participate again.

It was challenging and exciting but also stressful and nerve-racking because of the little time to prepare. But luckily, the activities and assignments in SEP over the years have given me the practice and confidence I needed without even realizing it, which I am grateful for.

During the competition, I got to meet a lot of friendly and talented competitors. They motivated me to do my best in each section of the competition. Even after the competition, I am inspired to give my all in everything that I do in the future, and even if I fail, I will use it as a lesson for next time.

I’ve earned a spot in the national singing contest. I’m overjoyed. I have qualified for the national singing competition. I am very happy. On the final day, there were many people, and they were very talented. Everyone has a very good English accent. From elementary school to middle school, everyone has the same abilities. When I got to sing on stage I’m so excited. But I calmed down and thought I was telling a story through a song. And remember when I was rehearsing and trying to do my best when I finished singing I heard loud applause. I’m proud that I tried my best. At that time, I did not think much about winning for I had a good experience and I am very happy to compete this time.

(Our Warmest Congratulations to both of you from your MEP-SEP Family!)

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Science In Action

Making onion specimen on a slide and microscope specimen viewing

MEP-M1/2 students are given the opportunity to let them make their own “Onion specimen on a slide” in order for them to have a basic foundation of knowledge on how to view the cell structure using a microscope. This activity helps the students to enhance not only their cognitive skills as well as it improves different skills in the science process.

Students are excited, happy, and curious while performing the activity which is vital in the learning process. Although their work is not perfectly done, the lessons they acquired matter the most. The lessons that they may acquire must not be limited to a certain aspect so that their cognition and skills will be broadened.

Photosynthesis with M1/2

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use light to produce food and energy. The process of photosynthesis is always happening in plants and the production of food by the plant is dependent on it. Therefore, understanding this process is essential for humans as it affects our lives in many ways. In this experiment, students learned about photosynthesizing plants and their role in the ecosystem. 

This experiment shows that understanding how light works is essential for using light effectively in photosynthesis processes— something that plants do naturally through photosynthesis. Since most living organisms require light for survival, understanding how light works enables us to take advantage of this natural process. Understanding how light works enables all — humans and microorganisms alike— access to solar energy necessary for life on earth.

Dissection of the Frog and Fish

Understanding anatomy and physiology for both humans and some animals might be challenging to some students. However, integration of the theory to fully hands-on activity will definitely make a huge impact on their understanding of the organism’s system.

The MEP-M2/2 students are more enlightened during the dissection process of the frog and fish and have a clearer view of the body systems most especially how these organs are properly and uniquely arranged is completely amazing. Students are learning a different perspective not only mainly in the dissection process but also in the integration of knowledge in a real application setting.

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Monday Vibes

Reporting on My Favorite fashion Style with M1/2. This time the reporters are beginning to speak with confidence and started to ask on follow-up questions to the reporters. Indeed a very good sign of speaking progress ! Way to go M1/2


And here comes the varied ideas of M2/2 on the controversial report topic devoted on School Uniform; should it be mandatory or not?


As for the seniors a serious Monday Vibe is on the air for they are having their IELTS Mock test with Reading and Writing as the skills target.