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Interland with M1/2

In the first period we had an in-class assignment on the Fundamentals of Computer. These questions were basic and were given on the previous class notes which were accessible on google classroom. Students answered all questions on the required time. Amazing job! Due to their hard work they were rewarded to play a computer game called INTERLAND: Kind Kingdom.

Interland is a free, web-based game that makes “Learning the Ways of the Web” a fun and engaging experience. Kids play their way to Internet Awesome and become fearless explorers of the online world in a quest to deny hackers, sink phishers, one-up cyberbullies and outsmart oversharers .We learn all of these while playing the game. Also, the students were rewarded with points upon completing the mission of the game. 

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Reading Support Program 2

M6/3 and M4/3 teamed up to give Reading Support assistance to the new comers of MEP, the M1/2 students.

Using their Core English Reading passages M6/3 and M4/3 will record the daily reading progress of M1/2 for 5 days. At the same time help them in their word difficulties and speed reading difficulties. Another great academic bonding for both the MEP and SEP community.

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Back in “Reporting”

Mattayom 2/12 are back in their classroom reporting activity. Odd and Even group adjustment period is finally over and now the MEPians are just starting on its slow-geared pace with this week’s task on classroom reporting about “Transportation In the Past, Present and Future “.

Surprisingly, the calm ambiance suddenly turned into smart exchange of questions during the Q&A. HOT (Higher Order Thinking) Questions is flying everywhere in the classroom atmosphere.

HOT (Higher Order Thinking) Q&A

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M1/2 “On Journey to Our Dream Destination ” Activity

This is a roleplay where students travel to their favorite country and have a conversation at the airport with the immigration officer about their visit.

Students were given an outline of the conversation and asked to customize the details as they like. A little imagination can go a long way and the imagination of children is out of this world; for a moment it can carry them to their dream destination.

Practical Conversations that can be used in real-life situations are one of the ideal English classroom activities to teach students practice their speaking skills.

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MEP & Computer Studies

Studying Computer Studies with Teacher Tanko

M1/2 -Word Processing Program: MS-Word

“How to Create a Portfolio in Microsoft Word:” Using Microsoft Word, you can create a polished portfolio virtually with any application, including informational brochures, business proposals, artistic submissions and more. The most important thing to keep in mind is how to dynamically and efficiently present your portfolio’s information.Here we are learning how to use the toolbar in MS Word.

Students are Creating a Portfolio with as much design as possible making it look beautiful.

M2/2-Sketchup Software

What is SketchUP? It is a software that let you use your computer to create models of objects and buildings in three dimensions.It is used by civil engineers, architects,graphic designers, film-makers and others. Here, students are introduced on how to use the toolbar and create a simple building design, and in response the students are picking the task up at a very fast pace.

M3/3 Basic Web Design HTML

Introduction on how to create a simple web page .HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. These codes are written on the text editor called the notepad or TextEdit on a Mac. Today’s class we are practicing it in class, specifically on understanding how to write the code and creating a simple web page. 

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M1/2: Water and Oil Mixture

Source: Science Class with Teacher Wa

M1/2 on making a mixture with water and oil. For this experiment, here are the questions that the group needs to answer: How to mix the water and oil together when the oil will just float on the water? What makes the water separated from the oil? These were the questions that ignite the interests of the M1/2 Science class.

While doing the laboratory, students showed eagerness to know the answers of their questions ans were happy to do the experiment. They performed well and enjoyed the activity. In fact they were able to understand why the water and the oil cannot be combined at all without the help of this so called emulsifier.

In the experiment, they used two types of emulsifiers-yellow mustard and the polysorbate-20. They had been stirring so hard mixing the water and the oil at first without the emulsifier but no matter how much effort they put, it ends up imperfectly combined. Then, they tried the first emulsifier which is the yellow mustard. The result was appreciated but not satisfactory. The mixture was not totally mixed. Finally, the polysorbate-20 was used to see whether it can completely combine the water and the oil. The students were amazed with the result because they had got the answers of their inquisitive questions.

This experiment was conducted not only to achieve the objective which is to mix the water and the oil completely using the emulsifier but to enhance the skills of the students using the scientific knowledge of investigations. Thus, this scientific knowledge they gain might help them in creating something for the purpose of a real life situation.

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Meet the M1/2 of AY 2020

Let’s meet the new members of the Mini English Program, the M1/2 students doing their “new normal” style of Friday Activity Day. In this activity, students were learning English through English songs and English Dance Wii.

M1/2 Learning English with English Songs
M1/2 Fun Learning English with Dance Wii
M1/2 Learning English with English Songs
M1/2 Fun Learning English with Dance Wii