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Skit Competition 2018

July 11, 2018 – NMK-MEP Skit Team Fah (M3/12), Ploy (M3/12), Bam (M3/12), Kaolad (M3/12) and Arpo (M2/12)  participated “The Academic Skill Skit Competition 2018” in Siriratthanathorn School.

This year’s theme of the skit is “Oneness in Diversity, Togetherness in Goal”.




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Impromptu Speech Competition 2018

July 9, 2018 – The EP MEP Academic Skill Competition for Impromptu Speech was held in Mattayom Watsing, where our MEP student Ohm of M3/12 joined along with the other contestants totalled up to 30 participaants only in the Lower Secondary. And for this year’s theme: Oneness in Diversity, Togetherness in Goal, Ohm received the Silver Medal Award ranking in the middle.