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NMK International Week 2018

MEP and SEP join the International Week 2018. Along with other foreign languages, MEP&SEP participates bearing the American theme. Here are the best of MEP&SEP International Week jam.

A showcase of MEP AND SEP’s bests , i.e. Engtalk speaker Gut of M1/12 talking about why “English is Important”.

What’s more! Academic Arts and Craft’s Skit Team also shows off their award winning piece. Of course, they’re No. 1.

During the Foreign Languages Parade the USA TEAM starts with the graceful wavering of the Star- Spangled Banner, the American flag.

What’s next? Of course, here comes the beauties of MEP and SEP portraying freedom of women in America.

See, that’s what I’m talking about the display of “simplicity is beauty”.

Well so much for that, let’s check out the next in line.

Yes, you guess it right! That’s Barack Obama…i mean Ohm of M3/12 portraying the infamous US President accompanied by the ladies of Statue of Liberty and the inspiring and most catching letters, the U.S.A.

Alright now moving on to the next part.

Raise the roof for the MEP cheerleaders. In red and white, MEP girls truly hype up the audience mood to the tune of their Hey Mickey and their shining blue pom-poms!

The last but not the least, here comes the world renown American Superheroes!!!

Wow! They truly nailed it, their costumes make it real. SEP Superheroes YOU ROCK!!!

And for the finale, we got everyone singing “We’re All in this Together” as the activity’s official OST! 😊 Well done all! Big Congratulations!

MEPians-SEPians Challenge:

A] From this blog, explain the meaning of the following words below:

1. bearing          2. jam             3. award winning piece

4. the Star- Spangled Banner    5. “simplicity is beauty”

B] M1/12 – Write a 150-word essay about your “International Week Experience”.

C] M 2/12, M3/12 – Write a 250-word essay about your “International Week Experience”.