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We’re Back In the Classroom!

After a long time, we are back inside the classrooms and we are happy to say Welcome Back MEP and SEP Students! For starters, we welcome the newcomers M1/2 in the MEP classroom and the M4/3 in the SEP classroom.

And for this week we feature the first on-site classwork output titled: “My City in the Future” by M1/2 students. By future, we mean anytime as far as your imagination can explore.



This year’s introductory video featuring MEP-SEP learning activities focusing on interactive classroom activities. Also, local day trips were included, for such activity is one of the many traditions that is annually done. More to that is the featuring of the international trips of the students specifically to South Korea and Japan. Included as well are the infamous and super fun moments of students during English Camps. Most importantly, achievements and awards were also featured and celebrated in which our students have earned quite a few and deserve superb recognition.

For such above features and reasons the video also presented a quick glimpse on how to join the program especially for incoming members and stakeholders.