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Weekly Dose of M3/12 Group Reporting

Impromptu Group Reporting – The new trend in our MEP 3/12 classroom. It has become part of the M3/12 routine to do the impromptu group reporting every week. This English classroom dose will help students to develop their speed in designing paper presentation about the given topic.

Not only that, this will also encourage teamwork in every group  and avoid dependence from one member. With the  activity’s target which is to evaluate the level of  the passage comprehension of the group it would be now very easy for students to relate to the reading passage. At the same time, good for teachers too, because teachers can clearly see and monitor the group performance of the group and its member. In this case, the teacher can clearly evaluate student’s contribution of the activity.

But most importantly, it will help the students to develop quick thinking, organizing and designing which is necessary for them in every way.

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MEP English Kick-starter!!!

Semester 1 of Academic Year 2018: What’s new! The new MEP Seniors (M3/12) started the first week with an impromptu group reporting.


What’s the topic about? ” Somebody is Watching You?”


What’s new about this activity? Well, separating from our usual way of preparing reports at home, this semester around all groups must cooperate, prepare and present the report in class and in allowed time only. Pretty hectic huh!


Yet, it turned out to be awesome. In fact, groups are more productive and tasks were divided equally.


Way to go M3/12! Keep up the good work!

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Ten-ei Village

Hello Ten-ei Village! The home of very welcoming people and the place with fun treasure. What did we do here? Oh! Too many to mention, but let’s try to sum it up by starting from the snow mountains of Ten-ei Ski Resort.

Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0106

We started by taking on the open cable ride to go uphill of the starting line for the snowboarding trail. Upon reaching our superb snowboard instructor gave us a short instruction on what to do with the activity. As starters, we line up in group and five snowboarders at a time to go snowboard down the track.


Well, we noticed that while snowboarding, your leg and body angle is very important. Your body should be 90 degrees from the snowboard so the control of your speed will be easier. However, if you want to speed up you can lie down making your body at 180 degrees angle. Doing this, you must beware not to hit the snowboarders ahead of you, worst of all hit the tree. The snowboarding part is super awesome and cool. Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0045Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0057

After the cool snowboarding experience, everybody was hungry so we gathered altogether inside the resort and sat near the fireplace to warm ourselves and warm our stomachs with the most delicious noodles.

Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0131

When our meals are all done and stomachs are all full, the ski resort staff prepared a snow game for us. The objective of the game is to estimate and put in a plastic bag at least 1 kilogram of snow, whoever will be successful will of course bring home a wonderful prize courtesy of Ten-ei Ski Resort.

Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0116Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0120

Everyone was happy, and this memory of hospitality from Ten-ei people, the warm welcome and the exchange of culture will always be in our hearts. Thank you and until we meet again!

Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0001

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British Hills Closing Ceremony

On the last day of our stay in British Hills, administrators and staff prepared a ceremony for all of us in order to recognize our students’ active participation as well as the support of the accompanying teachers and parent. Not only that, during this ceremony students who made an excellent performance in the speech skills were also recognized like as follows;

Tam “The Steve Jobs” who talked about “Cancer’.

Pond “The Elon Musk”  who made the comparison between “Human & Robots”.

Jinny “The Newscaster” who explained the causes of ‘Obesity”.

Poosila “The Cool Protege” who boasted on “The Making of his Science Project”.

In addition, certificates were also awarded to the rest of the group followed by the exchange of “Gratitude” from both parties the “NMK & British Hills”. The warm welcome they have shown was remarkable and flawless and they did perform a great job in every aspect of the program.

Thank you so much British Hills and hope to see you again in the upcoming NMK International Journey. 

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Snowy Day

Today is a snowy day. Little fractals are everywhere. Its super cold ❄. But doesn’t stop the students from playing.

Making snow balls and throwing on each other is way funnier when they know it’s snow.

Because of the snow destruction, the students were 5 minutes late from their class. And their teacher was waiting, they have to Skype call us to remind of the class.