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Activity Day!!!

Today is a fun Thursday for M1/12 and M2/12 English classes. That is, the class started by playing Bingo Review Vocabulary. In this game, groups who will get the first fully marked boxes on their card must raise their cards and shout B-I-N-G-O! Then, they eran the points.



Next, they also enjoyed listening to music while filling up the LYRICS GAP FILL. What’s more to say! They are enjoying yet they are learning as well.





Not only that, students also get to enjoy the beat of Just Dance Wii of Swish Swish and Timber. And above all, the highlight of the classroom break-time activity is the dancing of YMCA by the MEP BOYS.


It was a fun Thursday for M1/12 and M2/12, from from playing Bingo Games to Dancing everyone had their bits of fun with the mix of English.


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A Man’s World

M3/12 English Presentation Task is about the reading passage of a man’s world. It is about the jobs that used to dominated by men like firefighter and mechanic.

But, as time passed by, the need for such jobs has changed, that is, even women also entered this tough job.

As reported by M3/12, some women these days have become expert in the field of car mechanic. According to the reporters, one of the reasons of the switch is the call for patience and intelligence.

To be honest, the M3/12 is getting good progress in doing their impromptu presentation. What’s more, their creativity is without doubt excellent and most of all the essence of teamwork is really remarkably present.

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M1/12 on Tom Sawyer’s Adventure

Today, students of M1/12 get to work as a group on summarizing Chapter 1 of Tom Sawyer’s Adventure. In this activity, students must work together as a team to create a handwritten or drawn presentation in the class about the story of Tom Sawyer.

The materials that they used in this activity are re-use paper, colored pencils, adhesive tape and book.

Using their ready-materials they are tasked to do the following: 1. Re-use Paper #1 -Write the Title of the Chapter to be summarized, 2. Re-use Paper #2- Make a table of three columns and 6 rows. Then, from Chapter 1 choose 5 difficult vocabularies write it on the first column of the table, Thai Translation on the second column and the grammar function on the last. 3. Re-use Paper #3-#5, in these pages the groups must draw a picture that will show the summary of what they understand from the story.

When time was up, groups presented their work and tell their own version of Chapter 1: Tom and Friends in front of the class.

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Weekly Dose of M3/12 Group Reporting

Impromptu Group Reporting – The new trend in our MEP 3/12 classroom. It has become part of the M3/12 routine to do the impromptu group reporting every week. This English classroom dose will help students to develop their speed in designing paper presentation about the given topic.

Not only that, this will also encourage teamwork in every group  and avoid dependence from one member. With the  activity’s target which is to evaluate the level of  the passage comprehension of the group it would be now very easy for students to relate to the reading passage. At the same time, good for teachers too, because teachers can clearly see and monitor the group performance of the group and its member. In this case, the teacher can clearly evaluate student’s contribution of the activity.

But most importantly, it will help the students to develop quick thinking, organizing and designing which is necessary for them in every way.

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MEP English Kick-starter!!!

Semester 1 of Academic Year 2018: What’s new! The new MEP Seniors (M3/12) started the first week with an impromptu group reporting.


What’s the topic about? ” Somebody is Watching You?”


What’s new about this activity? Well, separating from our usual way of preparing reports at home, this semester around all groups must cooperate, prepare and present the report in class and in allowed time only. Pretty hectic huh!


Yet, it turned out to be awesome. In fact, groups are more productive and tasks were divided equally.


Way to go M3/12! Keep up the good work!