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Farewell & See You Soon!

M3/12 write on their early farewell’s and good-bye’s to their dearest friends. Knowing that some of their classmates will soon be studying in another schools, perhaps today will be their last moment and last time to have class time with seatmates and dear friends.

Indeed time flies, if we look back on their interview days! Good luck to all of you, see you soon for others, but definitely wish you all the best wherever and whatever school you will be in!

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MEP Mix n Play with Science Gifted in Sat Activity Day

MEP and Sci Gifted students collaborated together in a Moana Theme activity. That is, in mix groups they created the boat and portrayed Moana and Maui characters of the iconic cartoon movie.

The 2-hour program was designed to give ease, entertainment and learning to the participants in a different ENGLISH LANGUAGE environment . Afterwards, best Moana and Maui were chosen, as well as, rewarding the best pointers in all group tasks.

Finally, it is fair to say that everyone did a great job!

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MEP-SEP with Indonesian Exchange Student Teachers

A great learning opportunity was given to our MEP-SEP students with the Indonesian Exchange student teachers. Not only that, students were also able to show to the teachers the values and culture of being a student in Thailand. At the same time, teachers also shared their Indonesian games by integrating it in their practice teaching sessions. In other words, both the teachers and students were able to exchange each others culture and lifestyle. Let’s meet them! 

Above is Teacher Aman Apriadi (T. Aman) from University of Halu Oleo, Indonesia.

And this is Teacher Riyadi Sujatimiko (T.Miko) from University of PGRI Yogyakarta.

Thank you to both of you and may you learned something here in our school that is worth sharing when you go back to Indonesia! Good luck to both of you!

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MEP Students Joined Open House 2018

February 9, 2018 – NMK hosted an Open House to primary students (Grade 6) from different schools, aiming to introduce our school facilities and educational program. The activity included a written examination in the morning and a mini-exhibit of the schools different programs. Respective hosts set-up in booth displaying games, music and other program demos with the purpose of giving primary students the opportunity to get to know the programs more. Meanwhile, announcement of Top Examinee was also given in the afternoon, where primary student participants get the chance to get certificates and tokens.

As for MEP- Foreign Language Department booths, our in-house MEP and SEP students  helped out in facilitating the ‘Fortune Cookie” BINGO and GUESS WHAT? activities. Every one enjoyed and  again it was another memorable experience for MEP-SEP students.