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Evening Camp Activities

Do you want to know what did our MEP students do during evening activities? Well, let me tell you, they totally had a lot of fun, even us teachers did have fun! See the evidences below.

Let’s take a look at the first activity we had; The Bubble Soccer- your mission is to knock your opponent done out of the marked lines. Once you did that, you win! Don’t worry, this didn’t hurt at all, imagine yourself being in a balloon and it seems like you’re just bouncing on and on.

Look! Teacher Becky the referee! Cool, FYI- T. Becky is the most famous teacher of Yangpyeong. In fact she has got her own blog for all her fans. Keep it up T. Becky.  

The next evening activity is the Mini-Olympics together with the Korean students. Not only that our students got the chance to have fun but at the same time they did meet new friends. They learned to say “Hello” in their own different languages. Quiet a start for good friendship!

Fun Korea_9121.jpg
Jinny and Amy aiming to take a bite of the chips. Grab it Jinny!!!

Up next is the Disco Night with again our dear Korean friends! Boys and girls getting into the groove of the viral song “Selfie”. Up on stage is T. Becky and T. Ricky together with the dance coach who took the lead to set the groove. Let’s see what we captured.

Opps! Gotcha, who’s that getting low, low, low! Was it Tam?Yes, indeed! Way to go!

And the next part, was the talent show. Boys prepared their Bruno Mars song- Lazy song followed by Thai song. While girls did some mix of piano and group singing. Not only that, we got Tam and Earn, the hosts of that night’s show.

From the left: Nut, Tanwa (so emotional on the mic), Junior, Gun and Kevin.                        Wave on guitar, Roeve on ram-yun drums…5.5.5.
                                    From the right: Jinny, Amy, Q, Amp (hiding behind Q), Stang, Ranya,                                                Alissa, Aim and Ice. Pugun on piano


Tam and Earn: the night’s hosts. 




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